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50W Solar Home System

The system is a small AC and DC Power Supply System which is designed for the farmers, herdsmen, outdoor camping, tourism etc.
Easy to operate, convenient to carry. Controller, Inverter and battery are storage in control box.
1) Solar Panel:50W, working voltage: 17V
2) Battery:12V/55Ah Maintenance-free Lead-acid battery
3) DC Lighting Power:5W*3 DC Energy Saving Lamp with 4-meter cable
4) Inverter: Input DC12V, output 220V/150W
5) Output Control(DC): Output will stop when the voltage of inverter and battery less than 10.5V(switch lamp is turn off). When it reaches 12.8V, it works(switch lamp is turn on) 6) Working time: (DC)support 3x5W/12V lamps to work 30 hours (AC)support 10W-150W appliance to work about 65-3.2hours

Other Feature
Solar Panel: Polycrystalline, 50W, 1pc
Battery: Sealed Lead-acid battery, 55AH, 1pc
Solar Control System:
Controller: 10A, 1pc;
Inverter: 150W, 1pc
Control Box: 1set
Lamp: 5W/12V(with 4 meters cable) 3pcs
Accessories: Bracker, Cable 1set