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waistcoat with solar power system


Reflective safety Vest with solar power system (suitable for policeman, cleaner,explorer, field sporter and etc.)

New products & new design, patent product

Reflective safety Waistcoat with solar power system with lighting function

Voltage: 3.7V

Solar panel: 6W

Capacity: 8,800mAh

Different adaptors are available

Multifunction and high capacity lithium product

Can charge with solar energy or normal electricity

For carrying portable computer, convenient and simple to use

Suitable for emergency outdoor lighting, rescue, camping, charging of mobile phone, laptop, black berry, laptop, digital camera, PDA portable DVD and IPHONE.

Feature of lighting:

3 LED''s bulb, super bright, long connection wire(optional)

Length of cable: 10m

Voltage: 12V

Power: 3W


3 hours to charge the laptop and the laptop can work 2 hours, lighting system can work 8-16 hours after charging.

Can be the power supply for a building of 3 floors!!

Other Feature